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Dorres spring


Baths dating from the Middle Ages

The first information currently available on the Dorres bathsgo back to the Middle Ages. However, the prehistoric people have left traces of their presence in the area: polished stone axes, stone cups, and even a magnificent dolmen nearby the village.
It’s said that the Romans had already developed Dorres baths even if the remains date from the Middle Ages. In Les Escaldes, just 500 meters as the crow flies, the existence of baths since the Roman’s is proved. In those days, villagers used the hot water source for domestic use.
The current Dorres wash baths was carved in granite in 1842. There was washing clothes, but also skins or wool of sheep. Hot and sulphurous, this water is particularly effective for washing raw wool sheep.

Swim outdoors in water at 38 ° or 39 °

The outdoor pools of Dorres provide to lovers, nature and water, a moment of rest and relaxation in a breathtaking panorama. This hot spring goes out of a granite rock by a temperature of 41°C. When leaving the bath, the sensation of gentle warmth still persists a few minutes.
The two outdoor baths, the old wash house and the new pool, are complemented by two antique bathtubs carved in granite blocks.

Soothing Waters

After a prolonged physical effort (skiing, hiking ...) a one-hour bath in Dorres thermal water will eliminate the aches ; returning from a mountain walking, the water from the source will give to hiker energy and fitness, thus verifying the statements of the ancients, who lend to it many virtues ...

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Dorres Spa

Dorres spa


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Bather in the Winter

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Ancien Roman tub

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Baths in Autumn

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Kids playing

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Washtub in the snow

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In the Winter

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View of the mountains

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