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Historical and cultural heritage

From the prehistoric man of Tautavel to the Modern Art Museum in Ceret

With over 500 religious, civil or military monuments and are more than 20 000 major and ancient  listed works of art, the Pyrenees-Orientales keeps plenty of history ; a living illustration of the past.

Starting, of course, with “our” ancestor, the Tautavel man, who lived here for more than 450 000 years ago! Mind spinning history … a whirlwind of dates, a catapult through history, … which takes us, along with a gust of Tramontane, from a mysterious skull, come directly from prehistoric times … to the amazing faces of the cubist artists at The Museum of Modern Art in Ceret. Fasten your seatbelts; the ride will surprise you!
Look, we are going alongside the Domitien route, and over there, see Villefranche de Conflent (UNESCO World Heritage listed), as well as Mont Louis) and the Vauban fortifications … Over here, you can see the Palace of the Majorcan Kings, and its enchanting gardens. And see these moving witnesses to Romanesque and Baroque art, which are sometimes hidden in our smallest village …
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